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DFM attends the 205th AAS meeting!!

DFM Engineering, Inc. is pleased to be a sponsor of the 207th meeting of the American Astronomical Society. The meeting will be held January 8-12, 2006 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road, NW, Washington, DC.

Dr. Frank Melsheimer and Mr. Mark S. Kelley will be attending our booth.

Please come visit us at Booth #407.

University of Alabama's College of Arts and Sciences in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is home to a new DFM Engineering 16-inch telescope.

The 16-inch computer controlled telescope was designed, manufactured and tested in Colorado and installed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Dr. William Keel, professor of astronomy at the university wanted a modern, professional, computer controlled telescope with well proven software including remote observing capabilities.

The installation was carefully planned and performed in a timely manner with superb final on-site testing completed.

University of Alabama installation

DFM presents a critical comparison of telescope drive technologies!

Dr. Frank Melsheimer investigates various drive technologies and discusses the advantages, disadvantages, and performance of gear systems used to drive a telescope.

Criteria, such as positioning and tracking, stiffness, smoothness, gear ratio, gear efficiency, backlash, periodic error and cost is evaluated for multiple gear configurations to determine performance ratings.

An analytical example of a metal band drive is presented to show its lack of stiffness compared to gear and friction drives.

Comparing Telescope Drive Technologies (expanded version)

DFM delivers a gimbal to a Department of Energy Laboratory one week early!

In September 2004, DFM Engineering was awarded a contract to provide a gimbal to a laboratory of the US Department of Energy. The gimbal will support instruments developed by the laboratory for performing various field measurements.

One of the primary concerns of the customer was ease of use and programming. A users interface and command program was provided which communicates with the gimbal control software.

The source code for the user interface command program allows the customer to easily write their own command program incorporating any special features they need. The command program may be used to perform powerful motions including a user defined raster scan.

The gimbal was shipped one week early in spite of the Christmas holidays.

DOE Laboratory gimbal features

DFM gimbals

Gimbal Configurations Summary

DFM attends the 205th AAS meeting!!

DFM Engineering, Inc. is pleased to be a sponsor of the 205th meeting of the American Astronomical Society. The meeting will be held January 9-13, 2005 at the Town and Country Resort and Conference Center in San Diego, California.

Please come visit us at Booth #248.

DFM Engineering earns Sky & Telescope's "Hot New Product" award

The ARE-125™ designed and manufactured by DFM Engineering . . . "Solves an old problem in a new way!" according to Sky & Telescope Magazine. In addition to helping observatories meet the "Americans with Disabilities Act", the ARE-125™ has proven convenient in seated group viewing sessions.

Sky & Telescope "Hot New Product" review

ARE-125™ product information

DFM Engineering's 25th Year Anniversary will be celebrated at the 204th AAS meeting!!

DFM Engineering, Inc. is very proud to be a member of the American Astronomical Society. It is an honor to celebrate our 25th Anniversary and exhibit at the 204th meeting with AAS colleagues. The meeting will be held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado from May 30th - June 3rd, 2004.

Please come visit us at Booth #317 and join our 25th Anniversary Celebration!

Announcing the new DFM "Customer Testimonial" web site feature!

In celebrating our 25th Anniversary, we are compelled to offer testimonials from the customers we have served throughout our history.

As we begin to compile the chronicle of installations and satisfied customers, we are convinced that our dedication to provide quality products and services ensures our enduring presence in the industry.

Please visit our new "Customer Testimonials" feature, and contact us if you would like to be added to the list of satisfied customers.

Finally, a very special "Thank You" to all of our associates with whom these 25 years have been so enjoyable. We are looking forward to a bright future together.

Customer Testimonials