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Telescope Control Systems

The new DFM Telescope Control System (TCS) has been redesigned to use a digital motor controller and 25 bit absolute encoders.

The new TCS allows us to use control computers without ISA slots and has eliminated other obsolete part dependencies.

Using ASCOM drivers for TCS, Focus, and Dome, TCS may be commanded using TheSkyX, FocusMax, and ACP.

We optionally provide satellite tracking software to drive DFM Engineering Telescopes.

The DFM Engineering Telescope Control System (TCS) provides a user-friendly interface to the telescope.

Utilizing an IBM compatible computer with a display, keyboard, and mouse, you have continual position display, status reporting, and an easy-to-use, menu-driven command set.

Our pointing model corrects for precession, nutation, aberration, atmospheric refraction, mount misalignments and flexure.

Typically, the DFM Engineering TCS and pointing model will achieve 10 to 20 arc- second blind pointing to a 60° zenith distance.

TCS operation is simple. Commands are divided into four submenus: initialization, movement, rates and miscellaneous.

All commands are available to your external computer, allowing you to create your own custom user interface where TCS becomes a peripheral to your computer system, allowing integration with your own observing program.


Control System Standard Features

CCT-16 Computer Specifications

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